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What is it?

Jet lag occurs when your body clock is out of sync with the environment. It causes health problems and reduced alertness (Olson, 2013).

Jet Lag Rooster shifts your body clock to reduce or prevent jet lag:

  1. Enter your trip details.
  2. Get and follow your personal jet lag plan (see example). It’s free.
  3. Enjoy your trip with reduced jet lag.

Does it work?


Research shows that light exposure and melatonin at the right times can shift your body clock to reduce jet lag (Eastman& Burgess, 2009; Kolla & Auger, 2011). Jet Lag Rooster creates an individual plan suggesting the best times for bright light exposure (e.g., sunlight) and melatonin. People who follow these suggestions report less jet lag (Lieberman, 2003). Shifting your body clock before departing can sometimes prevent jet lag completely (Burgess et al., 2003).

For details on the science behind Jet Lag Rooster, see an article in Scientific American (Olson, 2013).

Who uses it?

The Rooster is primarily used by frequent travellers and airlines training their pilots and flight crew.

I travelled from Vancouver to London and had no jet leg, no wasted holiday time, and no stopping the fun for additional sleep.  My plan started on a Monday for a Thursday departure. Once in the UK … I slept in until 8 AM and then I wore my sunglasses indoors — I felt silly but it was worth the results!

— CJ, Traveller

If I only had a user friendly, flexible, compliant, fool-proof tool, that was available virtually everywhere!  I looked in books, I looked online, and I finally found it: the Rooster came to the rescue… There’s really no need to suffer the consequences of jet lag any more!

— Ziad Shaman, MD, MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio

I felt awake when I arrived at the local time of 10am, and I feel like I was much more conscious the first 24 hours in the UK, which is a huge change from my last trip (from Vancouver)… Thank you Jet Lag Rooster!

Claire, Travel photographer

Jet Lag Rooster offers good, practical information that would be helpful for travellers.

Dr. William Kohler, Medical director of the Florida Sleep Institute (via  NBC News)


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