Global Technology Firm

SWAN was proud to a deliver a coast-to-coast sleep seminar for a global storage technology firm recently, as part of an overall sleep initiative.  The seminar was led by Dr. Michelle Primeau, MD, a Stanford-trained sleep physician and insomnia specialist.  In addition to being one of the technology company’s most popular seminars ever, SWAN provided access to our proprietary, physician-designed Sleep Assessment empowering employees with information about their sleep.  We gained insights into sleep duration (and are very happy to say that this technology company’s employees get more sleep than the US average of 6.5 hours), sleep debt, and risk stratification for potential sleep issues — a robust, comprehensive view of employee sleep.  We paired that with customized PDFs for each employee with a step-by-step action plan, including coaching on questions for their physician.  Finally, we offered employees ongoing support through our industry-leading SleepDesk, which is a helpdesk dedicated to providing best-in-class sleep support and resources for employees.