SleepCoach App Support

Thank you for your interest in the SleepCoach App.

What is it?

The SleepCoach app combines the latest scientific knowledge on sleep into 1 convenient app.  It allows you to optimize your sleep with tried-and-true techniques, starting tonight.

The SleepCoach App is easy to use:

  1. Provide your wake-up time and your age.
  2. Get and follow your personal sleep optimization plan.  The app provides reminders to keep you on track.
  3. Browse the Sleep Knowledge Base for even more info and best practices.

Does it work?


Research shows that sleep hygiene is directly related to sleep quality.

Who uses it?

The SleepCoach App is used by people across the globe, from North and South America, to Europe, to Asia, Africa, and Australia.

I’ve been using the SleepCoach app for a few weeks and have noticed an improvement.  I just follow the reminders and it seems to help me sleep better.

— AW, Computer Scientist

There is so much information out there about sleep, and I like the fact that the SleepCoach app has gathered the best of it into one place.  It makes it easy for me.

— BT, Physician

The notifications help keep me on the right track, and I am happy to say that since following the recommendations, I feel much more refreshed upon waking up!

— SB, Attorney



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