Sina Nader CEO

In 2002, Sina was diagnosed with a mild case of sleep apnea.  This sparked a personal mission to find out all he could about sleep.  Over the course of the next decade, he proceeded to learn as much as he could about sleep, starting with improving his own sleep, and then helping others in their quests for better sleep.  After over 10 years of involvement in the sleep diagnostic and treatment field at a sleep clinic, he realized that the way people sleep affects how they perform at work — and SWAN was born, to help people Sleep Well At Night.

He has also worked in the banking world, most recently at Credit Suisse where he managed an approximately $100M portfolio of equities, derivatives, fixed income, private equity, and hedge fund investments and was the top private banker in his class.  He received his MBA from the University of Southern California, and his BA from the University of California at Berkeley, where he also walked on to the varsity football team.